The list of services provided by companyEurofactor” presented in two sections: internet technologies and financial online services:

Internet technologies and computer systems

Our moto “Development and promotion of Internet solutions for small and medium-sized businesses in the European Union.”

1. creation of software for analysis and synchronization computer and mobile information and also databases;

2. development of internet security systems for working with computer data;

3. search, analysis and evaluation of a portfolio of domain names, as long-term investments for the clients;

Finance and Financial online Services

Our moto: “Flexible use of financial experience for capital accumulation and further investments  on international financial markets.”

1. providing financial solutions for profitable trading  on exchange currency market;

2. providing financial solutions with shares and indexes on international financial markets;

3. software development of analytical models and online trading systems for Forex market;

4. development of trading software for Metatrader platform;

5. development of online trading signals system for mobile phones (Android, iOS);